Posted in June 2012

How to get rid of that mid-day shine

This happens to everyone at some point during the day; you will see that shine of oil and think “get the hell off my skin you greasy asshole!” Yes. Your oil glands have acted up to the extent of that oily glow. This happens at different times of the day for different people – for … Continue reading

9 Supplements to Beautify

Beauty works from the inside out, and if our insides aren’t healthy then our outsides can portray that. So today I wanted to focus on 9 supplements that you could take to help heal yourself from the inside to portray a more beautiful you. I didn’t do 10, I am well aware, but screw them … Continue reading

How to Get Rid of Bikini Bumps

Bathing suit weather is on it’s way (ish…) and one thing we never want to have to worry about is having those embarrassing bumps we get from razor burn and ingrown hairs. I’m going to give you one way to help avoid them, and then 5 ways to help get rid of them. Plus a … Continue reading

How to get rid of warts

Warts can be a bitch. A big, fat, stinky, ugly, under dressed, slutty bitch. I’ve had quite a few ladies come in to me and ask me what to do when they have a wart? How do they get rid of them? Some of them have even gone to a doctor and been told that … Continue reading