Top 4 mistakes we make to cause aging

Sometimes we tend to skimp out on our skin care routines, it’s true. But which 4 things do we do wrong to cause aging?

First of all many of us forget about our necks. The neck is one of the places that we can tell someone’s age from. You know right away if someone has had fillers in their face because of the difference between the skin on their face and the skin on their neck. The neck is very delicate skin and should be treated like the facial skin, however it is usually treated like the rest of our body or forgotten altogether. Make sure when doing your skin care routine that you cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask and moisturize all the way down to your clavical to prevent aging in the neck as well as the face. However, that being said, I want to point out that when exfoliating you should use an enzymatic exfoliant once you pass the age of 30. This way we aren’t tugging and pulling on our skin which begins to thin out over the years.

Her neck isn’t terrible but it isn’t at par with her face

Second thing that we forget about is our eyes. The eye cream is often overlooked and though of as an extra, however it should be included in the every day skin care routine. Eyes have the thinnest skin on the body and should be treated differently, meaning they should have a different moisturizer. If you use your regular moisturizer on your eyes, you will likely be getting puffiness directly related to that, also you will not be getting the benefits you are expecting. Make sure to dab an eye cream in every morning and night at the end of your skin care routine to prevent crows feet and fine lines.

This is so cute haha

Third thing that we want to make sure we are doing to prevent age is wear SPF! We may feel that at the time we want to get as much color on our skin as possible (lord knows I want that) but it is so important to wear sunscreen. Not only on the face and neck, but on the whole body. This will not only protect us from the harmful UV rays, but it will help with the sun damage in the skin. You never see sun spot (or “liver spot”) covered legs on anyone younger than 35. What happens when you tan is your body produces melanin, which is your skin saying “ahhh I’m being attacked I need to put this dark coloring on the upper layers of my skin so that I can protect myself!” and over years and years of this happening over and over again, some places will become over-produced and stay in clumps. This will happen all over your body, not just your legs or your arms. It is very common to see sun spots on the face and decollete area. Again, you never see these spots on anyone youthful, so they are dead giveaway of a more mature person. USE SPF!

Last but not least, something that shows our age is our hands. I have the hands of a 50 year old man and it kills me. This the first place other than the face/neck that will show your age. They are always being worn down by cleaning products, extreme temperatures, sun damage, dryness, and lord knows what else you people get up to. Make sure to keep hands properly taken care of (go for regular manicures, moisturize often, exfoliate often, take care of cuticles and nails, keep protected from the sun) to keep them as youthful as you feel on the inside!

Hopefully it isn’t too late to start now! Get your anti-aging on ladies!




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