How to Get Rid of Bikini Bumps

Bathing suit weather is on it’s way (ish…) and one thing we never want to have to worry about is having those embarrassing bumps we get from razor burn and ingrown hairs. I’m going to give you one way to help avoid them, and then 5 ways to help get rid of them. Plus a product you can use at home…

To avoid bikini bumps in the first place make sure to exfoliate (lightly, don’t use a harsh abrasive scrub as this is a sensitive area!) before shaving/waxing. If you are waxing do this no closer than 12 hours before your treatment. This will make sure that there are no dead skin flakes that will prevent hair growing out of the wrong follicle. If you are shaving make sure to use a hydrating product as a shaving gel/cream. Make sure also to always shave the direction of hair growth.

In my opinion it makes more sense to wax as you won’t get those thick coarse hairs growing in afterwords, and it lasts hairless so much longer! Also, as you haven’t cut the hair in half (leaving the middle of the hair shaft  – which is also the thickest part of the hair – to be the new ‘end’ of the hair) the hair looks to be thinner and lighter. Over time this will prevent further growth.

As soon as you are finished shaving, apply deodorant. This is the weirdest tip I’ve ever seen and I’ve never tried it myself but words travel fast my friends. Try to use a dry deodorant as you won’t have to wait for it to dry. I don’t quite understand what this does or why this works but apparently it does. Please if you do this let me know!

To get rid of bikini bumps after they have popped up there are five things you can do.

First of all you can exfoliate (I feel repetitive!) What is happening when your skin gets these bumps is that the hair is trapped inside the follicle. Either the skin has closed over top of the hair or the hair has grown in crooked and is growing under the skin. So exfoliating will help to shuffle the hairs around, remove the dead skin that may be trapping the hair, and also soften up the area.

Secondly you can apply cooled black tea like earl gray or orange pekoe. The black tea has natural anti-inflammatory’s which will reduce irritation in the area. Make sure to apply cool as the temperature can help to sooth the area.

Next you can try aloe vera gel. It has soothing properties up to yin yang! Just apply a bit of the gel when you’re done shaving to hydrate the area, or you can apply it if you have bumps in the area as it will cool, sooth and dull the area.

The last thing I’m going to say will help you with bikini bumps is Phytomer’s Blemish Target Gel. This gel is a miracle! If you have one of those big ol’ nasty pimples coming up through your skin and you can feel it and it hurts and it’s going to be a monster… You put some of this on your face before bed. By the next morning it should be gone, no trace of it even happening. If not, just apply it that morning and the night as well and it should be gone by then. I’ve never had to wait more than two days for something to go away with this stuff. It’s insane! And it also works well for bikini bumps. A friend of mine came to me with a really embarrassing one and at the time it was the only thing I could think of – it looked like a pimple! Anyways, it was almost gone by the next day. This stuff is a miracle potion!

Anyways, hopefully you don’t have to worry about those bikini bumps anymore!




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