How to get rid of that mid-day shine

This happens to everyone at some point during the day; you will see that shine of oil and think “get the hell off my skin you greasy asshole!” Yes. Your oil glands have acted up to the extent of that oily glow. This happens at different times of the day for different people – for me I am oily around 2 in the afternoon, for some it is later – around 5 or beyond then. Either way, it’s more than frustrating to catch a glimpse of yourself in a window thinking that you just found a shiny quarter when really it’s just your face shimmering in the sunlight. So what can we do to get rid of this oil? Well let me extrapolate peoples.

How I feel by 3:00

First thing that you can do is of course wash your face. This would work if you’re just getting in for work and have to change your makeup up anyways if you’re going out, or might as well wash it off if you are staying home for the night. This might not be the greatest option if you become oily earlier and are in the middle of doing something. However, that being said if you are one of those ladies who don’t wear much makeup at all you could splash your skin quickly with a toner. Toners are used to absorb all excess oils on the skin and makes sure that your pH is in level. Get yourself a small bottle and fill it with toner to keep in your purse (yes, I have one. Even though they are sample sized they work.)

If you wear a little bit more face makeup and find that using a toner removes too much makeup you may like to try blotting pads. There are so many different kinds, but some do work better than others; yes, there is a difference between blotting pads.Some are thicker and some are as thin as tissue paper – but what is the point? These blotting pads will absorb the oils off of your skin without removing your makeup (your makeup may be faded from your natural oils pushing the makeup from your skin). Now you could just use a tissue paper or napkin, but they don’t absorb as good as the papers do because that is what the papers are made specifically for. My favorite are Jane Iredale Blotting Papers… Yes, they are from Jane, get over it. They are made from flax seed which is incredibly absorbent, however they don’t feel heavy on the face. They also come in a cute little gold compact which slips into even your wallet.

So those are the two ways you could reduce the mid-day shine! Let me know how these work for you or if you have any questions (about anything at all!) or any other ways you like to fix your shiny skin. Thanks for reading!




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