Posted in August 2012

Tough to Curl Lashes

Are your eyelashes super straight? Ain’t no way these bitches are swaying! I’m going to give you as many pointers as I can, however sometimes this is a tough task! Eyelashes can beĀ delicateĀ and we don’t want to pull them out of our faces by being too rough with them or dousing them with chemical compounds … Continue reading

Summer loveeee, makes me feel fineeee…

Before I go on about makeup with this little segment I had created, or answer my curious reader about how to tend to those annoying lashes, I have to tell you; I found a new love in the form of mousse. This isn’t a makeup mousse though, this is more for your whole body, and … Continue reading

The point of foundation

Oh god I’ve been MIA for just under a month, how pathetic! I have no excuse other than a lack of creativity and no drive hahaha So this is just going to be a start of a little segment (hopefully I get completely back into this!!! I just need to search out more things to … Continue reading