The point of foundation

Oh god I’ve been MIA for just under a month, how pathetic! I have no excuse other than a lack of creativity and no drive hahaha

So this is just going to be a start of a little segment (hopefully I get completely back into this!!! I just need to search out more things to post about and don’t put SO much content in each post, stretch things out a bit haha) and this is going to be the purpose of a few different makeup products and proper application and everything. I want to dedicate this to a pretty girl at my work who really loves listening to my makeup lessons, but I never get everything out that I want to in those lessons! 45 minutes is way too short! Anyways, I got my workbooks out for this, not to mention my own personal knowledge heh heh…

So foundation, the base of the makeup. Why use it? I know a lot of girls who stick to just using blush on bare skin and a little mascara and what not and completely skip the foundation. Well grow up ladies it’s time to put your big girl panties on and slap a little base on the face. The main point of foundation is for coverage and correction; this will even out your skin texture providing yourself with a canvas to paint on so to speak. It is used to conceal any sort of color imperfections (redness or sallowness) and can cover things such as freckles, birthmarks, blemishes and broken capillaries which you may find unsightly or something you don’t want to be seen. Also, many foundations these days help to protect skin using SPF such as Jane Iredale Dream Tint or Pressed Powder or Amazing base. Heck yah name drop.

Foundation is also used to contour the face to create an illusion of an ideal face shape by using lighter shades to highlight the face or darker shades to contour and de-emphasize certain features. Contouring and highlighting can be achieved by using other makeup products, but just letting you know that it works with foundation as well.

Anyways… Foundation comes in 4 basic forms; creme-to-powder or powder, liquid, creme, and pancake or greasepaint (sounds nice..). Creme-to-powder or powder foundation are the “one-step” or “dual-finish” foundations because they can combine foundation and powder in one single step. Generally these are minimum coverage and give you a matte finish. Powder foundations are usually great for those with acne-prone skin because they don’t add extra hydration onto the skin, however these are what you need to watch for talc in. Most powder foundations have a talc base which will clog pores and damage the skin, so make sure to get a base without talc. Make sure when applying powder foundation that you apply in downward strokes so the powder doesn’t get caught up in the vellus hair (light, thin hair that covers the body) and cause a “cakey” look. Also don’t make your strokes short and whip the brush around as half your product will fly into the air and will just be a waste, so use long, downward strokes.

Secondly there is Liquid foundation – the most common of all forms. This is generally preferred by people because of its natural look which is easy to blend and easy to apply. There are two basic formulas of liquid foundation – oil-free, water based formulas for oily complexions or oil-based moisturizing formulas for dry skin. The liquid foundation can be applied with fingers for a sheer coverage or can be applied with a sponge for a heavier coverage, or can be applied with a liquid foundation brush for a medium coverage. (The foundation brush is large, flat and used to evenly distribute a large amount of product across the skin.) This can be used as a base under a powder (what I do) for extra coverage.

The Creme foundation has a heavy consistency and is used for extra coverage. They require more blending than liquid foundation and are generally better for a drier skin type even though they have more coverage. Since the creme foundation is so heavy it feels gross on an oilier skin type and can cause too much hydration on the skin. When applying a creme foundation you can use your fingers or a liquid foundation brush.

Lastly there is pancake or greasepaint….. Sounds lovely hey…. Smear some of that on my face! This is oil-based foundation and they’re used for “maximum coverage”… So basically if you want your face to not look like real skin anymore hahaha! This is basically what they use for theater productions or films to camouflage scars, tattoos and dark birthmarks. Greasepaint can be applied with a sponge.

Lastly, I’m going to let you know how to choose your foundation color because it drives me nuts when I see that harsh line and girls think that it’s their proper color. IT IS OBVIOUSLY NOT, YOU AREN’T BORN WITH THAT LINE! Gooooosssshhhhhhh! K so you take a small amount of your foundation, which ever type you prefer, and make a swatch on the edge of your jawline down to your neck so that you have a little line a bit on your face and a bit on your neck. When using liquid for a swatch, rub it in like you would if you were applying, but when applying powder you don’t need to rub in. Which ever swatch blends in to BOTH your face and your neck, that color is best for you. That’s right. BLENDS IN. As in you can’t even really see it at all. If you walk out with a line on your face, damn right I am thinking in my head how badly I just want to run up and rub the shit out of your jawline to try and blend it in. It is soooo noticeable and just drives me insane!

Gosh it feels good to write about something again. Please, oh lord please let me know if there is anything you want me to write about! Always down for the ideas!




4 thoughts on “The point of foundation

  1. i personally like a bigger fluffier brush for liquid foundation it gives a more diffused look and medium coverage without so much product also no streaks that I tend to get from the flat brushes btw i really

  2. one more comment… can you please do a post on difficult to curl lashes… ive tried everything
    $30 curlers… heated curlers… curling before mascara… curling after… curling mascaras… the only thing i will say is that i am hesitant to try very expensive mascaras cause i am kinda poor i have tried almost all of the drugstore brand ones… also when i go to sephora and stuff u try it with a standard wand and im of the belief that the wand makes the mascara…
    no matter what i do they will curl for like 5 minutes and later in the day they will b e back to being straight i am soo jealous of the girls with the curly lashes
    please help my lashes make me soo sad

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