Summer loveeee, makes me feel fineeee…

Before I go on about makeup with this little segment I had created, or answer my curious reader about how to tend to those annoying lashes, I have to tell you; I found a new love in the form of mousse. This isn’t a makeup mousse though, this is more for your whole body, and I am in love.

The brand is Body Drench and the item is called “Quick Tan”. So far the best sunless tanner I have stumbled across – to the extent that once it was on I stood there like HOT DAMN THAT IS A DARK SKINNED LADY!

I found that because it goes on like a mousse I got no streaks what-so-ever. It goes on super smooth and easy, and smells like a caramel macchiato which is not a bad thing to smell like that’s for sure. Since the mousse is made with a visible tint when you apply, you can see where you have applied and where you have missed – which is a bonus because usually you don’t know until you already look like a disaster.

It also doesn’t need to be used for a lengthly amount of time in order to achieve results. You will visibly see that you are darker after the first application, and they say to use for only 3 days once you start, and then once to twice a week for upkeep. Not too much at all! The average price that I’m finding online is between $15-$25, so it will not break the bank or cause cancer. Good deal in my books.

This is sold at SPAS, I don’t think it’s sold in drug stores or walmarts, however I am not sure on that one… Oh! Bonus! It does NOT make you look like an oompa loompa, no orange at all. I am not looking like an outrageously average worker who escaped from a chocolate factory, no way. Going through tons of reviews I can see that there are no negative comments on any site that I have been on so far. Everyone is 100% in love with it once they try it. I guess I am just like everyone else… But in this case I don’t really give a shit.



Let me know if you have a self tanner you love? Or if you’re a sun junkie… but if you are a sun junkie you better have a sunscreen that you love… Or I may come and harass you.





One thought on “Summer loveeee, makes me feel fineeee…

  1. Try Fake Bake golden bronze mousse! I just discovered it at Cosmo Prof and it’s a little bit of heaven 🙂 xo
    love your blog!

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