Tough to Curl Lashes

Are your eyelashes super straight? Ain’t no way these bitches are swaying! I’m going to give you as many pointers as I can, however sometimes this is a tough task! Eyelashes can be delicate and we don’t want to pull them out of our faces by being too rough with them or dousing them with chemical compounds to try to make them curl. So I’m going to try this the nice way, and a little of the not nice way.

Make sure to curl the lashes before applying mascara! Curling after mascara can damage the lashes and cause them to break, and applying mascara after curling can help to hold the lashes.

Lets start off with heated curlers. A lot of people love heated curlers, I happen to be one of them. Although these don’t work for everyone I’m still going to tell you about them. So you can get yourself a curler that is self heating, or you can just do as I do; blow dry it or stick it on the heater of your car on your way to work and curl ’em at a red light (that’s safe right..?). The heat works to hold the curl in the lashes just like a curling iron for your hair. Make sure that when you use your lash curler that you Hold for 3 seconds at the lower part of the lashes, release, then hold another 3 seconds. After that, hold for 2 seconds about half way up the lash, then 2 seconds at the end of the last. This will make sure that your lash isn’t just folded at the bottom, but it is curled along the whole lash.

On the same line as heat you can do the spoon technique. Run your spoon under some hot water and hold the spoon against your lashes until the spoon is cooled off. Try not to push too hard against your eye as it may hurt your eye or burn your skin. Make sure that before you hold the spoon to your lashes you need to comb through them and make sure that all your lashes are facing the same direction. Again the heat will hold the curl in your lashes and the curvature of the spoon will make sure that your lashes are curled instead of folded.

Next I’m going to tell you a product that can help to curl lashes. Of course it’s Jane Iredale, gosh! But this isn’t a super expensive one as some of the nicer products can be; this one runs at about $16. This is called Jane Iredale Lash conditioner. This can be used as a primer for mascara (apply a thin layer then quickly [before the conditioner dries] apply a layer of mascara) which will not only help to curl lashes (OVER TIME) but will also make lashes seem more bold and stand out more. The conditioner can also be used as a treatment. Apply on lashes before bed and sleep with it on to help lashes to become more healthy and also curl them. This is something that works OVER TIME. It isn’t an instant thing so you have to be patient. I use this every night before bed and I have noticed that my lashes are stronger and fuller. A girl from my work tried using this and found that her stubborn lashes WILL now curl.

Lastly you can perm your lashes. This is an option that is available at spas and runs for around $60 and lasts for about 3 months. If you’re unwilling to go and spend that much money you can get at home lash perm kits. To order one (the one I saw in a tutorial) you can click here. With a perming kit though you need to be very careful. This uses chemicals like perm solution which can irritate the eyes so try your very best to avoid getting ANYTHING in your eyes. There are instructions directly on the link I gave you and it seems pretty easy to do. A half hour of treatment for 3 months, that seems pretty decent to me. I almost want to go get it myself haha!


Well let me know how these treatments work for you, hopefully they do!





One thought on “Tough to Curl Lashes

  1. thanks so much for posting this 🙂
    i have a heated curler and i always use it after applying mascara when i try and do it before it just seems to elongate my lashes and not actually curl them i think im just doing it wrong i just tried again and heated my lashes before mascara… i could get my left eye perfect while my right eye looked all lame… i guess i need practice lol i used a standard curler after and then mascara and they look nice and curly ill see how long it lasts
    ill look into the product you suggested thanks again!!

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