Posted in October 2012

How and Why the Skin Ages

I am finally over 55,000 hits! That’s absolutely nuts! I’m writing this mostly on my iPhone so hopefully I won’t get any pitiful autocorrect fails and don’t notice this before publishing… Today I’m at a Dermalogica educational class as well as their MultiVitamin power serum launch which is pretty exciting for the product line! Anyways, … Continue reading

Three most Popular Up-coming Hair products

This past week I went to a big Chatter’s hair conference and I learned a TON about all the hair companies and they informed us what is up and coming. Throughout all the different companies explaining what their big new ticket item is I found a bunch of repetition between three items which I’m going … Continue reading

Split Ends

As I’ve moved to Alberta I’ve realized that it is so incredibly dry and because winter is coming I know it will just get worse. I’m working in a place with hairdressers and we were talking about our hair the other day and I was bragging about how I’ve never had split ends before and … Continue reading