Split Ends

As I’ve moved to Alberta I’ve realized that it is so incredibly dry and because winter is coming I know it will just get worse. I’m working in a place with hairdressers and we were talking about our hair the other day and I was bragging about how I’ve never had split ends before and my hair was so healthy. As I picked up my hair to show the girls I was so devastated at the state of my hair that I literally gasped out loud. The difference in climate has caused my hair to become completely and disgustingly destroyed! So what do I do about my split ends?!

So I’m going to give you a few professional products you can use and I’ll also give you a few at home, natural remedies. Before you start using any of the products or remedies I’m going to recommend getting yourself a trim to cut the split ends off as you can’t seal them back together and they will continue to cause further breakage. DO NOT cut your own split ends no matter what magazine article or youtube video you watch as you will not get a wonderful new hair cut look, you will get a ragged edge. I know that hairdressers won’t even cut their own split ends, so don’t. So after your trim, try one or a few of these things listed below.

Matrix Miracle Treat 12

This is what I purchased to use on my hair for a few reasons; it has 12 benefits so it doesn’t have a single focus, it is easy on the wallet and it is very simple to use (which is very important for me!)

What it does: Protects color treated hair, conditions for instant silkiness, de-tangles, strengthens hair, helps seal hair from damage, provides moisture, helps prevent breakage, increases manageability, maximizes natural body, tames frizz, smooths and tames hair, and helps to restore shine.

How to use: spray into damp hair, comb through and style as usual. Leave in, do not rinse out.

Average cost: $14-$17

AG Split End Spa

This product is slightly more expensive than the Miracle Treat however it is also simple to use and very effective.

What is does:  Condition, moisturize dry, frizzy ends, extends life and vibrancy of hair color, creates silky, smooth, soft hair.

How to use: Work a small amount through clean, damp hair, focusing on the ends. Leave in, do not rinse out.

Average cost: $26-$30


You’ve seen those pictures of women pouring honey on their hair, and this is because it’s so full of natural moisturizing qualities.

What it does: Nourish the hair, deeply hydrates.

How to use: Apply to tips of hair and leave on for about 20 minutes before rinsing off.

Average cost: $8-$12

Olive Oil

Such a classic home remedy for so many things.

What it does: deeply conditions the hair

How to use: warm olive oil, apply to hair, leave on for about 20-30 minutes before washing out (can be applied to dry hair)

Average cost: $10-$14

As you can see, you can use a few natural products however they don’t have near the amount of saturated benefits as the products do. This is because the products are specialized for these specific needs. You still can try using natural products, but you won’t get the intensive benefit that the store bought products will give you.

Let me know how these work out for you or if you have any questions!



One thought on “Split Ends

  1. Good article Jade! I needed this bad:) The matrix one looks really good, let me know how it works and I will pick it up!

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