Three most Popular Up-coming Hair products

This past week I went to a big Chatter’s hair conference and I learned a TON about all the hair companies and they informed us what is up and coming. Throughout all the different companies explaining what their big new ticket item is I found a bunch of repetition between three items which I’m going to tell you about, the ones I’m most excited for, and what they do.

The first big ticket item is obviously inspired by Moroccan oil. Almost all the brands we met with are coming out with their own version of a treatment oil. Some brands that stick out in my mind are Matrix (Exquisite oil) and Loreal Professional (Mythic Oil). A ton more products are made with argan oil. Now as I already said these products have obviously been inspired by Moroccan oil as that is what everyone is just in LOVE with right now. The benefits of using these oil inspired products is smoothing and softening as well as nourishing the hair.

The next thing I heard probably a thousand times about how dry shampoo is so friggen badass. For those who don’t know about dry shampoo yet it’s probably the best thing EVER. It’s literally my hero for when I am so damn lazy (a lot of the time..) If you don’t have time to shower you just spray a little dry shampoo into your roots and BAM; oils are absorbed and your hair is volumized.  My favorite few that I saw were the new Joico dry shampoo in their up-and-coming Power line; it smells amazing, leaves no powder look in the hair and gives volume – secondly I looove the Hempz Haute Mess dry shampoo; it gives a powdery look in the hair but if you tousle it up it gives you a rock star look, it has a beautiful smell and it gives you awesome volume.

Lastly everyone is coming out with a volumizing powder. I have heard mixed feelings from clients about volumizing powder – some saying it is so weird but some just LOVE it; those some being ME! The powder is similar to a dry shampoo in the sense that because it is a powder it will absorb some of the oils, but it usually has a bit of a sticky feel to it – not overwhelmingly sticky though. The powder basically gives you the volume of teasing without needing to tease, however if you do tease and add this powder and you’re volume with double at LEAST! My absolute favorite powder is “powder play” by Big Sexy Hair, however that isn’t a new product. Bamboo by Alterna also has a texturizing powder that is super nice!

So those are the three most popular products that hair companies are focusing on right now! Let me know what you want to hear about next or if you have any questions! Now that I’m with a hair salon I feel like I have this whole new door opened to information!




One thought on “Three most Popular Up-coming Hair products

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