How to Prevent/Diminish Aging

I’ve gone over how and why the skin ages last post (which was ages ago…) this time I’m going to help provide you with information on how to prevent and diminish these signs using product, treatment and at home tips.

The first thing I’m going to tell you how to prevent is kind of a no-brainer; how to prevent age spots. Use some damn sunscreen! Every day! Even in the winter! Use an SPF of 30 to prevent sun damage. From Dermalogica you might like to try solar booster SPF30 mixed in with your moisturizer to give you the protection without that oily or thick feel. By using an SPF it will protect your skin from pigmentation via protecting the melanocytes – the UV rays will be blocked from the skin making the need for production of melanin redundant.

The next thing I’m going to go over is those sugars. This is more something you can focus on at home with your diet. I’m not saying cut sugar out completely from your diet, I’m saying everything in moderation. As I said, the excess sugars latch on to your collagen and elastin which will eventually cause deep lines. So it’s fine to have your cake at the party but don’t eat 9 pieces of it..

The next thing you can do to prevent aging is drop those terrible, terrible habits of drinking, tanning and ESPECIALLY smoking. As I said in my previous post – smoking puts 6 million free radicals in your body in ONE inhalation. NASTY. These free radicals attack your happy cells and cause so many unsightly things up in your skin like wrinkles and fine lines as well as dull looking skin.

Lastly, which should be firstly, using proper skin care products can help to prevent aging in the skin. The proper products won’t damage skin and will give you protection and strength to withstand the regular wear and tear of every day life. A real regimen will give you proper hydration and SPF protection to prevent lines and sun spots. So go ahead and pick yourself up a skin care regimen.


Now to focus on diminishing.

Your number one thing you can do to diminish aging in the skin is go to your skin care specialist. She will reccomend you products that can help to diminish the lines and age spots, as well as use services to help.

A service that can be used is the E401 machine (one of my personal favorites).  What the E401 machine does is use electric current (a specialized type of current, not just like jamming a fork in the toaster kind of current) to exercise the muscles in the face. It is NOT painful, matter of fact if you feel anything it would be your skin jumping a little bit, no pain. This isn’t a common machine in a ton of spas, but when you do find it, make it your best friend. You start with one treatment every 3 days for 2 weeks, then after that you go in once a month for upkeep and voila, non-surgical face lift as well as wrinkle eraser.

Some products your skin care specialist will reccomend to you are a cleanser, serum, eye cream and moisturizer. You may also want to pick up a masque if you’re really worried.

Your cleanser most likely will be a milk cleanser, which if your used to foaming cleansers is hard to get used to. Once you love them though, you really love them. These are less harsh than some foaming cleansers can be, and won’t strip hydration from the skin but rather will gently remove impurities from the skin to leave a clean, not stripped, face.

Secondly you’ll get your serum which can be one of many different things. One of my absolute favorites is the new Multivitamin Power Serum by Dermalogica. It feels like air on the skin it’s so lightweight but it has so many benefits; minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, hydrates the skin, plumps the cells, etc. It’s like an anti-aging miracle serum. What’s the point of a serum? It will not only help to pull your moisturizer deep in the skin, but it itself is a concentrated solution that deeply penetrates to focus solely on what it was made for. I have recently found that I have a love affair for serums. A second serum that’s great for anti-aging is the Dermalogica C-12 Concentrate. It glides across the skin easily and feels hydrating. This is from the ChromaWhite© line which specializes in discoloration of the skin. The C-12 Concentrate will penetrate deeply to work out sun spots from the skin while hydrating the skin.

Third you’ll most def be reccomended an eye cream. (Apparently reccomended isn’t a word?) Anyways, eye creams are essential! They help to minimize puffiness and fine lines in the eye contour area, while also helping to firm the skin and reduce dark circles. Eye creams may be relatively pricey, but honestly you need to touch the end of the tube and that is enough. You don’t need to drown your skin in eye cream, just dot some into the skin (not rub – rubbing pulls the skin which can actually cause more lines and then you’ll get all mad at me saying you spent money on a cream that didn’t work. Just dab it in. Please.) I don’t have a personal favorite eye cream because every one I’ve used is basically the same texture and they work the same and they all work nicely. Along with eye creams you could also use an eye mask. A really nice eye mask is the Phytomer Contour Radieux which goes on like a cream. Again, you don’t need much of this and just dab it in the eye contour area around the eye and leave on for really as long as you want, it can stay on overnight since it is so gentle. This mask will help reduce puffiness and dark circles as well as reduce fine lines. So get yourself some eye shit.

Fourth you’ll need to get yourself a moisturizer. This is your all over hydration tool that can reduce lines in the whole face as well as firm the skin. One of the best firming face creams I have seen to date is the Phytomer Extreme Lift. It’s an extremely rich feeling moisturizer and you only need a pea sized amount for your face and neck (especially if you just used a serum or a toner). Apply in an upwards direction to firm and lift the skin, with just a cream. I’ve always though this was kind of a silly thing and a lot of estheticians are very skeptical about a topical treatment that can firm the skin, however this one I swear works! Use it as a treatment cream rather than an every day cream, and use it for 2 months then put it away for 2 months then use it for a month, put it away 2 months, use it a month, you get the picture. As you use the same product your skin can be accustomed to it and you may not see results as it hits a plateau in it’s helping powers. By using Extreme Lift on and off like this you will constantly see results. You can try switching it on and off with Dermalogica’s Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30. It has your SPF already mixed in, helps fighting free radicals, and deeply hydrates the skin to help with fine lines.

Lastly you may be offered a  masque. A masque is basically a “mini facial at home” treatment that you can use to really amp up your skin care system. You will never be shown a clay masque, and if you are you tell them that isn’t the masque for you. Clay is a dehydrating agent so it will not do well on your skin type. You’ll benefit from cream, gel, or any other masque for that fact. These masques are concentrated to focus on hydrating and anti-aging and some focus on a variety of benefits for your skin where as some specialize in certain things such as firming or dark spots. I find that if you pop them on in the shower then wash your hair and body before removing it you won’t have to spend the time waiting for the thing to be ready. That way you leave it on about 10 minutes (at least I do, I take long showers.) but it doesn’t feel like you’re sitting around with nothing to do.


Anyways, hopefully you find some of this information useful for you! Let me know your favorite anti-aging tips and tricks!





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