Tune up on Toners

What’s the deal with a toner? I’ve heard it over and over; “it doesn’t actually do anything right? It’s just another step in the routine.” False. You are incorrect my silly little friend. A toner is a magical potion that makes all your dreams come true.

Not quite..

But it does do good things for your skin.

First of all – LOL first post in months… But at least I’m finally giving myself some ideas of posts! Also, the coconut oil wasn’t my favorite thing; I found it felt awful on my face, didn’t help with any sort of acne or breakouts, my skin didn’t feel hydrated at all. I still use it every so often on my body though, and I like the feeling of that but it was too much for my face. Let me know if you tried it and liked it?

On to the toner.


The toner is the “inbetween” step and should be used each time water is applied to the skin (this is how it is used in professional environments). This means after you wash of your cleanser, exfoliant and mask you should apply a toner. Apply by dabbing some onto a cotton pad and wiping over the skin, or if you don’t want to waste half the product in the cotton pad (this is how I think…) just pour a small amount in your hand and wipe it over your face or spray it directly on your face.

The first thing that a toner does is rebalance your pH. You may have heard this before from an esthetician but she may not have explained what that really means. Before esthetics the only time I heard anything about pH was when we checked the pH of our fish tank water.. But it is important I promise!

Lets look into pH for a second and see how it is important for our skin.

pH stands for “potential hydrogen”. Not to get too into depth with that (I’m not a friggen chemist) I’m going to leave it at potential hydrogen. This determines if our skin is more alkaline or acidic. Our skin sits at a 4.5-5.5 on the pH scale, meaning it is slightly more acidic. If our pH goes out of whack our skin will become either alkaline or acidic. Alkaline skin will cause breakouts and acne, where as acidic skin will cause dryness and fine lines. Not only is the pH the cause of that, but if our pH is too high or low it will deteriorate and damage our acid mantle.

Woah. Shits getting inception deep.

Our acid mantle is the first protection layer against bacteria. It also keeps the skin hydrated and combats dehydration. By throwing our pH off, it temporarily strips the acid mantle leaving us defenseless against bacteria, but also susceptible to dryness, fine lines, oily skin, breakouts and much more.

That’s just the first part of the toner!

The toner also helps your skin to absorb. Once your toner is on your skin, the next thing you apply will have a helping hand in absorbing into the skin. So basically if you use a toner before your moisturizer (which you should) it will give your moisturizer a boost to penetrate in your skin allowing it to hydrate and help you easier. This is important – use your moisturizer afterwards. If you apply makeup directly after a toner it will pull your makeup into skin making it not last very long.


Your toner is a mega tool for pH balance and penetration into the skin. So never underestimate the power of a toner as it is an important step.


I hope you integrate a toner into your daily skin care routine.



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