These days there’s so much talk about losing weight and getting in shape and having the best body you can have. After all, it is the one thing that you can control, and something that you can show off as an accomplishment. Talk of liposuction comes and goes and I want to set the record straight on why it’s bad news bears – for more than one reason.

Before I start with the reasons why liposuction is bad, let me first tell you that loving yourself and your body is the most important thing, and that up until more recent years, big was the only beautiful. There was advertisements for GAINING weight, saying that no one wants a skinny woman, EW! These days it has changed and been shifted by the eye of the media as to what beautiful is and it’s incredibly unfortunate that sickly stick thin is the new sexy. But it’s best to be happy with what you’re given! And if you’re focusing on weight loss as a health aspect of your life then you might as well change your diet and exercise routines anyways because that is what is going to make you healthy, not lyposuction.

skinny ad

First of all, it’s surgical. And I don’t know about you but the idea of being put under and being completely not in control is terrifying for me. Also with it being surgical it means you’re kinda cheating… You’re not working hard for your body, you’re paying for it! It’s not really what you put your hard work into. I don’t know if that’s a fair comment to say since some people struggle so hard with weight and I do understand that can be a horrible thing to deal with, but this is not the option for you!

Secondly, liposuction is expensive as balls. You may have to let them take your kidney out and sell it while you’re at it! It’s way cheaper to keep up a routine of a healthy diet and easy outdoor or home exercise!

But seriously, lets get down to the dirty shit behind liposuction. There is a reason that it is bad and that people bounce back – bad. Liposuction is a procedure where they basically vacuum all the fat cells from your stomach or thighs or wherever you chose to have liposuction done. It isn’t gentle at all and it actually gets rid of the fat and you will see that you’ll be quite smaller when you’re finished. But the fat isn’t all they remove. When the surgeon is removing fat they’re also removing tiny fibers that hold our body shape together. When these fibers are removed your body has a hard time keeping proper form. These fibers are what tells our body “this has to bend like this, and this is supposed to curve inwards like that” and without them, we look a little crazy as hell. With this treatment, people will typically keep their lifestyles that they currently have meaning that they will more than likely put the weight back on. Now that there’s an easy way out you might as well eat all the cheetos you want right? WRONG.


You can see on this one that her hips are sitting a little wonky – kinda bulky and not formed properly. Not to mention the purple welting!


Obviously the word “corrected” is loosely used here… I find the second photo 100000000000x more unattractive than the first. In this picture you can also see that her legs and bum aren’t quite sitting right in her body.

After liposuction it is so important that you have a full lifestyle change! You need to rid yourself of all your bad eating habits and exercise negligence, which would have been good to do in the first place to lose the weight instead of going under the knife hahaha. It’s hard enough gaining weight back on after you work so hard to lose it all, but to gain it back on and not build even a proper body shape afterwards is brutal.

Next time you’re feeling the need to lose weight, get yourself a pintrest account and pin the shit out of that health and fitness category and then use it. Use it all. If you’re having a hard time motivating yourself, get a friend or a personal trainer to help you because that makes it so much easier!

I hope you never ever chose liposuction!

Oh yeah and remember, men still see women in a primal way (going back to people being animals, I love this talk) and they see you as “who can bear a child” and the woman with curves, you bet she can bear a child way better than a twig bitch! Yeah so go have some niceeee babies… hahahah






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