Hey everyone!

I suppose this is where I can tell you a bit about myself and what’s going on in this shindig.

Lets start with who I am! I am an esthetician so I constantly deal with the skin and body, and am always learning and interested in learning more about this whole mess of a beauty industry. I love DIY tips for at home so I’m going to be sharing a lot of those with you guys. I am pretty young, just beginning life in the 20’s, however I am a very quick learner so don’t judge my information because I’m still youthful!

I like to keep things light so you’re not sticking around reading an essay on skin care, no one wants that it gets boring, I know. So I like to put a bit of humor in there, however I’m pretty sarcastic so you might not like my vulgar spin on my blog but that’s your problem I suppose..

A picture of le moi

This blog is designed to give you information about skin and body care from a specialist’s point of view without having to go search for one in your town and pay for their time. I’ll be posting info on nails, skin, body, makeup, and DIY beauty tips, and of course if you have any questions you’d like answered PLEASE ask, I LOVE QUESTIONS!

I’m hoping you’ll stick around and follow!


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