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Tough to Curl Lashes

Are your eyelashes super straight? Ain’t no way these bitches are swaying! I’m going to give you as many pointers as I can, however sometimes this is a tough task! Eyelashes can be delicate and we don’t want to pull them out of our faces by being too rough with them or dousing them with chemical compounds … Continue reading

How to Get Rid of Bikini Bumps

Bathing suit weather is on it’s way (ish…) and one thing we never want to have to worry about is having those embarrassing bumps we get from razor burn and ingrown hairs. I’m going to give you one way to help avoid them, and then 5 ways to help get rid of them. Plus a … Continue reading

Spring into Beauty: Day Five – Just do it!

There are so many things on our beauty to do lists that we just constantly put off for whatever reason, I know we all do it! You’ll read a post or see a little tip somewhere and think “I really need to do that! I’ll save this webpage/magazine article/in my memory…” But then you never … Continue reading

7 Uses for Aloe Vera

I didn’t want to do 10 so I didn’t, don’t patronize me! Let’s begin with le history =] For more than three thousand five hundred years aloe vera has been used because of its moisturizing properties. Of course being a natural beauty product it can be traced back through history to the Egyptians where Cleopatra … Continue reading

Beauty of a Geisha

Geisha’s are well known as the beauties of Asia. They demonstrate beauty and healthy, flawless skin. I decided I needed to know the secrets to their skin care routines and what makes them the perfect picture of prettiness. I just recently watched that movie – Memoirs of a Geisha. It was a super good movie … Continue reading

Sensitive Skin

I know I just did oily skin, but I decided to just pop out another post on sensitives skin. This is referring to anyone who’s skin reacts to products or is reddened easily or usually. Sensitive skin can be a difficult thing because even the soothing products that we use may not have the effect … Continue reading