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The Coconut Oil Challenge

This is happening. And it’s happening now. Coconut oil is kinda all the rage right now for those do-it-yourself-ers. But it seems to me that it’s kinda hard to get all the information in one place about everything that it can do for you. So that’s why I am here. And I will categorize it … Continue reading

Split Ends

As I’ve moved to Alberta I’ve realized that it is so incredibly dry and because winter is coming I know it will just get worse. I’m working in a place with hairdressers and we were talking about our hair the other day and I was bragging about how I’ve never had split ends before and … Continue reading

Spring into Beauty: Day Five – Just do it!

There are so many things on our beauty to do lists that we just constantly put off for whatever reason, I know we all do it! You’ll read a post or see a little tip somewhere and think “I really need to do that! I’ll save this webpage/magazine article/in my memory…” But then you never … Continue reading

7 Uses for Aloe Vera

I didn’t want to do 10 so I didn’t, don’t patronize me! Let’s begin with le history =] For more than three thousand five hundred years aloe vera has been used because of its moisturizing properties. Of course being a natural beauty product it can be traced back through history to the Egyptians where Cleopatra … Continue reading

Color Coordinate to Brown Eyes

I apologize that it has taken me so long to get this post out! Brown is the most popular color and I saved it for last! So let’s get on with eye shadow colors! Brown is a neutral color so honestly every color will go well with brown eyes. Opposite brown on the color wheel … Continue reading

A Little Hair Care

Lets give a few hair care tips here. Why not? We go over skin and body so much we might as well go over hair. Now before we start I’m going to let you know that I’m not a hair dresser, but I do research a lot (not wikipedia don’t worry). So we’re going to … Continue reading

Color Coordinate to Green

Aw yeah, green eyes. The rarest of the bunch. Lets start with eye shadow color. Again we’re going to focus on opposites on the color wheel. Opposite green on the color wheel is red and purple. This doesn’t mean smother your gorgeous green eyes with blood red pigment, no way Jose! This isn’t Halloween daily! … Continue reading

Keep your Used Coffee Grounds!

Make your fresh pot of coffee in the morning, but instead of tossing those grounds in the compost pop them in a jar to use for later because I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Got that pesky cellulite? Of course you do, every woman does. Keep a jar of coffee grounds in the … Continue reading

Color Coordinate to Blue

Are you a blue eyed babe? Me too ;] I figured this would be the easiest one to start with, so why not?! Lets start with makeup colors, that’s the easiest. When trying to make your eyes “pop” it is best to use colors that are opposite on the color wheel. So for blue, you’re … Continue reading