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Makeup tip

I don’t really have time for a post, so I thought is just give you a great makeup tip via this photograph. Advertisements

Subdue the Cake

I don’t know about you, but when my makeup looks caked I just want to punch myself in the face. For myself, it doesn’t cake often because of the type of makeup that I do use, however it does cake every so often and it drives me NUTS! So I found a few ways to … Continue reading

The point of foundation

Oh god I’ve been MIA for just under a month, how pathetic! I have no excuse other than a lack of creativity and no drive hahaha So this is just going to be a start of a little segment (hopefully I get completely back into this!!! I just need to search out more things to … Continue reading

A Makeup Switch-up

So this morning I went to do my makeup and looked down at the colors I was using and realized that they are so horrible for summer wear. What the hell was I thinking? Using cool, deep purple hues and dark browns. This is the time to lighten up and go for a more natural … Continue reading

Spring into Beauty: Day Two; Detox your Makeup Bag

I’ve already gone over shelf life of your products, but it’s spring! The time to clean and start fresh (because I know you forgot your new years resolutions already so lets start over again). I’m going to give you 3 simple steps to completely de-clutter and detoxify your makeup collection. Step number one: Detoxify. This … Continue reading

Beauty tips from Ancient Egypt

I put up a video for this one so you could check that out by clicking the link below Click Me! If you don’t want to watch the video and would rather read then just continue reading! I’m pretty excited because this is the kickstart to a new segment where I’m going to go over … Continue reading