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Spring into Beauty: Day Seventeen – Be Positive

You can always tell the difference between people who have a positive attitude, and those who are super negative. Having a positive attitude makes you appear more attractive. No one wants some negative nancy being all up in their business all the time, they just want party pooping patricia to peace out. Whether you believe … Continue reading

Spring into Beauty: Day Seven – Hydration

Hydration, hydration, hydration… Honestly when I have a client come in and they tell me they only have about two glasses of water a day I want to gasp out loud. WHY DEPRIVE YOURSELF SO?! You should be drinking AT LEAST EIGHT GLASSES A DAY! Just wanted to make sure you got that. Water is … Continue reading

Spring into Beauty: Day Five – Just do it!

There are so many things on our beauty to do lists that we just constantly put off for whatever reason, I know we all do it! You’ll read a post or see a little tip somewhere and think “I really need to do that! I’ll save this webpage/magazine article/in my memory…” But then you never … Continue reading

Beauty of a Geisha

Geisha’s are well known as the beauties of Asia. They demonstrate beauty and healthy, flawless skin. I decided I needed to know the secrets to their skin care routines and what makes them the perfect picture of prettiness. I just recently watched that movie – Memoirs of a Geisha. It was a super good movie … Continue reading

Sensitive Skin

I know I just did oily skin, but I decided to just pop out another post on sensitives skin. This is referring to anyone who’s skin reacts to products or is reddened easily or usually. Sensitive skin can be a difficult thing because even the soothing products that we use may not have the effect … Continue reading

Beauty tips from Ancient Egypt

I put up a video for this one so you could check that out by clicking the link below Click Me! If you don’t want to watch the video and would rather read then just continue reading! I’m pretty excited because this is the kickstart to a new segment where I’m going to go over … Continue reading

Oily Skin

Hello beautiful ladies, today I’m going to go over le oily skin. This can be a particularly difficult topic as there is more than one reason skin can become oily or acne prone. Climate or environment, constantly touching your face and hair, using a dirty phone on your face, it can be hereditary; there are … Continue reading