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New Product Information!

Hey! I’m really failing hard on this blogging thing, but I’m posting occasionally… I think that’s fair…   Just want everyone to know that I’ve been adding a new product line to my plethora (yeah right) of product knowledge. This way I can make even more recommendations without being biased on a single product line! … Continue reading

The Purpose of Skin

I’m going to go over something very basic that I’m surprised is just coming up now; why bother taking care of our skin? What is the purpose? Why can’t I just use crap on my face and live with it? Well, my funny little friends, let me tell you. The skin performs six functions for … Continue reading

The Coconut Oil Challenge

This is happening. And it’s happening now. Coconut oil is kinda all the rage right now for those do-it-yourself-ers. But it seems to me that it’s kinda hard to get all the information in one place about everything that it can do for you. So that’s why I am here. And I will categorize it … Continue reading

How to Prevent/Diminish Aging

I’ve gone over how and why the skin ages last post (which was ages ago…) this time I’m going to help provide you with information on how to prevent and diminish these signs using product, treatment and at home tips. The first thing I’m going to tell you how to prevent is kind of a … Continue reading

How and Why the Skin Ages

I am finally over 55,000 hits! That’s absolutely nuts! I’m writing this mostly on my iPhone so hopefully I won’t get any pitiful autocorrect fails and don’t notice this before publishing… Today I’m at a Dermalogica educational class as well as their MultiVitamin power serum launch which is pretty exciting for the product line! Anyways, … Continue reading

The Cinnamon Challenge

Not the one you’re thinking of.. I was inspired to look up benefits of cinnamon after watching “The Doctor’s” on TV the other day… They were talking about how harmful the cinnamon challenge is to people, and there was a horror story from a girl who asphyxiated on the cinnamon and almost died; she was … Continue reading

Coconut Oil

I know I haven’t posted in a little bit, but I’ve just finished a big move! From BC to Alberta, so of course my skin has become dry, it’s just gotta happen when you live here. So what am I going to do about my dry skin problem? Well I’ll let you know; Coconut oil. … Continue reading

How to get rid of that mid-day shine

This happens to everyone at some point during the day; you will see that shine of oil and think “get the hell off my skin you greasy asshole!” Yes. Your oil glands have acted up to the extent of that oily glow. This happens at different times of the day for different people – for … Continue reading

9 Supplements to Beautify

Beauty works from the inside out, and if our insides aren’t healthy then our outsides can portray that. So today I wanted to focus on 9 supplements that you could take to help heal yourself from the inside to portray a more beautiful you. I didn’t do 10, I am well aware, but screw them … Continue reading